My name is Adam Parkison. I am a 28 year old writer, photographer, and world traveler. I have been blessed with the opportunity to live and work in the wilds of the Central African Republic for five winters. In 2014 I undertook a two-week solo backpacking trek in the Brooks Range of Alaska. For three years now I have called Bozeman, Montana my home, and source of inspiration for my writing and expedition planning. I live with my wife Chelsea, stepson Rudy, and two tiny daughters, Myla and Eliza- my favorite camping and hiking companions. When not occupied with these projects, I focus the rest of my efforts on trail running, and competing in ultra-marathons. I am always open to join and organize expeditions in the wildest places around the world. My bucket list of destinations to explore is large and I have only begun to cross them off the list. Thank you for taking the time to check out my photos and read my stories. Here's to living life to the fullest. Cheers

The Chinko Project

The wilderness of the south-eastern corner of the Central African Republic is unique.  The environment consists of tropical forests and dry savanna woodland. It is the only such biotope left intact on the continent. Here, savanna species like Lord Derby's Eland, reside next to the secretive forest species like the lovely Bongo. Lions and Leopards hunt the vast grassland as well as the dense forest; at home in both environments. It is the only known place where the three medium sized cat species- the Serval, Caracal, and rare Golden Cat- reside. But this area is not immune to the negative impact of humans. Nomadic cow herders and Ivory poachers from northern Sudan and Chad are infiltrating this pristine wilderness, and with them, bringing hoards of AK-47s. The wildlife of the region has plummeted during the last 3 years- as the cow herder's and poacher's presence has increased exponentially. With international support, my colleagues are planning a comprehensive anti-poaching plan to protect the vast wilderness while there is still time.

To see my colleagues' work in the Central African Republic, and our efforts to save the unique wildlife of the Chinko River Valley, and how you can help, please visit  www.chinkoproject.com, on the link bellow: