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Outside Bozeman magazine Fall 2015

'Distinguish the Day: A Notable Spanish Peaks Traverse'

By: Adam Parkison

Maybe it was the dread of the approaching winter that excited my ambitious side, or perhaps I needed a worthy culmination to a long summer of running. All I know is that one October day, I planned a traverse of the Spanish Peaks on foot, and in one day  (READ FULL STORY HERE).

Sidetracked Magazine ( June 2015

'No Excuses- Exploring the Wilderness of the Brooks Range'

By: Adam Parkison

On the northern fringes of Alaska, only truly witnessed during a two-month window of warm weather, there is a land larger than dreams. Rolling green tundra, dominated by charcoal black mountain peaks carved from ice. A carpet of blue berries under foot and a collage of unique fauna only recently evolved from the Pleistocene. On any given day, the hills might be crawling with thousands of caribou on their ancient migration path, with wolves stalking them from the rear. Dall sheep and barren-ground grizzlies might be spotted in the mountain valleys and crags. Perhaps even Muskoxen, or a silent polar bear hunting on the northern flats. For the adventurous, this arctic tundra is a near limitless playground of pristine wilderness. (Read Full Story Here)

Africa Geographic Blog     Nov 23, 2015

'Chinko: a remote gem worth protecting'

By: Adam Parkison

"In the far south-eastern corner of the Central African Republic in the Chinko River basin, the savannah meets the rainforest. It is a one-of-a-kind biotope, where iconic species of the Congolian lowland forest, and the Sudano-Guinean savannah live alongside one another."  Read Full Post Here 

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Small Carnivore Conservation Journal 48 July 2013

'Probable records of Pousargues’s Mongoose Dologale dybowskiiin the Chinko/Mbari drainage basin, Central African Republic' 
By: Thierry AEBISCHER, Raffael HICKISCH, Milena KLIMEK and Adam PARKISON

(Read Full Report Here)

Photography Exclusively 


I have recently donated the rights of any and all of my wildlife photos taken in the Central African Republic to the conservation organization African Parks to be used on their website and annual/quarterly reports. 

Some of my photographs can be seen on their website:

(The African Parks logo and photographs above are the property of African Parks )

(The African Parks logo and photographs above are the property of African Parks )